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Improving your credit score is the best way to improve your credit score
Having bad credit right now doesn't mean you can't have great credit in the future! 
Car loans are a great way to get your credit score back on track. Lenders are frequently willing to give people with bad credit a second chance on car loans and mortgages because they have the right to foreclose on your home or repossess your car. 

5 Tips For Buying a Car With Bad Credit

  1. Manage Your Expectations. Knowing your budget and a monthly payment you can afford are key. You can use our payment calculator to estimate pricing. 
  2. Get Pre-Approved for an auto loan. This is free, fast and painless. Getting pre-approved enables you to head over to the dealership with confidence. 
  3. Consider Buying a Used Car. We'll explore new and used vehicles for you. However, buying a used car is often easier on your budget. 
  4. Get a Co-Signer if You Can. If you have a low credit score, having someone co-sign on your loan increases your chances of getting approved. Co-signers guarantee repayment, so they have to high good credit. Applying for a loan online is a great way to know if you need a co-signer or not. 
  5. Use Our Interest Rate Reduction Program.

5 Tips To Rebuilding Your Credit Score

  1. Pay Your Bills On Time.  If you're 30 days late on paying a bill it might start affecting your credit score. Using auto pay through your bank for your car payments, mortgage or other payments can help you stay on top of your bills. You can also set up auto payments for the minimum amount due on your credit card but you should only rely on this to avoid being late on your payments.
  2. Be Careful With Credit Cards. Be sure to stay below your credit limit. Even if you pay off your credit card every month, your credit score can take a hit if you meet your card's limit. Try to never exceed 25% of your available credit. Using 70% or more of your credit limit can lower your credit score.
  3. Stay On Top Of Your Credit Card Balances. It's easy for credit card debt to get out of control fast. Credit cards should only be used to charge items you can pay for if you don't have a credit card. 
  4. Know What's On Your Credit Report. You can get a free credit report on an annual basis at Check your credit report to ensure it's showing accurate information. If there are inaccuracies, have them corrected so they don't negatively affect your credit score. 
  5. Consolidate Your Loans. If you have too many accounts with outstanding balances it can hurt your credit score. Try and keep all of your credit card debt on one card. Before doing this, read the fine print and call your credit card company. 
How to Rebuild Bad Credit

Buy A Car!

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