Toyota Redesigned Camry Sedan for Sale in Colorado Springs CO

Hi. My name is Everton Allen here at Larry H. Miller Colorado Springs in Motor City. This is the Toyota Camry. As you can see, the new design of the vehicle now comes with a honey comb grille in the front. The new headlights are also designed differently with HIDs. And right around here, we do have the new 18-inch tires with sporty rims.  

The other nice thing about this new Toyota Camry from Toyota of Colorado Springs is it is one of the safest on the road. The Camry has ten air bags in the vehicle, which has been standard now for quite a while. They also have it with, once you open the door, you can get to the blind spot monitoring. Which is right here. With the blind spot monitoring, it helps you to be safe on the road while you are driving. That way, if there is a vehicle in your lane, you don't have to worry about hitting someone. 

The new Toyota Camry interior. You can see here the sporty bucket seats. It does have what is called the Soft Tech leather around it with the cloth in the middle. They also come with heated seats as well as an option. Here you can notice where they have an auto high beam headlight system, which allows when you are driving at night, you don't have to worry about turning the headlights on and off once you hit this button. It automatically does that for you. 

The Toyota Camry in Colorado Springs comes with Bluetooth technology to connect your phone or anything else you need to connect as far as Bluetooth. They do have navigation in these vehicles as well and those are some of the features on the Toyota Camry. 

Toyota Camry comes standard with your back up camera which is located right here. It also has this nicely designed spoiler system on the vehicle. So, if you noticed the design on the vehicle, it's sleek for both looks and aerodynamics purposes. 

So, Toyota also has Toyota Sense which is a couple features added to the vehicle to protect them when they are driving. Brake stop technology is on this vehicle. A lot of manufacturers have this. The way Toyota has it prevents you from the vehicle running into someone while one the road by applying the brakes automatically.  

A couple other features that it does have that a lot of other vehicles don't have is what is called the Knee Air Bag. The Knee Air Bag is a feature that Toyota put standard in all their vehicles so that if you are in a front-end collision or a collision the air bag will deploy to help you protect your knees. One of the things I like about Toyota cars is that they have what is called a liquid mount. That is what they use on their vehicle. That is designed so that if you do get into a head on collision, the engine and the transmission is designed to fall to the ground to prevent you from being pinned in the cabin. 

These are some of the nice features on the new Toyota Camry. Again, my name is Everton Allen here at Larry H. Miller Colorado Springs, right off the highway 25 exit 140 in Motor City. Stop by and test drive one today!

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